About Us

Knox Churches Soccer Club is a part of Knox Churches Sports Association and operates in the City of Knox. Knox Churches Soccer Club is a member of the Victorian Churches Football Association (VCFA) and actively seeks to glorify God through sport.

Knox Churches Sports Association (ABN: 40 945 491 394) which incorporates Knox Churches Soccer Club has the following objectives:

  1. To develop, maintain and promote the Association for players and supporters of junior and senior team sports in the community of Knox and its environments with the express purpose of achieving the highest standards as a Christian and community based sports association. 
  2. To encourage and promote Christian values and ethics within the Association, with other participating (opposition) teams and towards the broader community. 
  3. To achieve an environment for personal development of members socially and in terms of playing team sports skilfully and at their best. 
  4. To enhance (where practicable) Knox City Council’s community and leisure activities/events

Knox Churches Soccer Club is a fun, family-friendly club and one of the largest in the City of Knox. The club's values are engrained in it's culture and very much part of it's DNA, they are all about building a positive community that is not self-seeking - these values are: Respect | Unity | Selflessness | Integrity | Support

The club currently has 29 teams (19 junior, 8 men & 2 ladies) participating in the VCFA. The club's home ground is Knox Park, off Ferntree Gully Rd, Knoxfield (see map).

Knox Churches Soccer Club also runs a junior soccer development program called "KickStart", each Saturday of the regular season, from 9.30am to 10:45am, for children aged 5 and above.

Knox Churches Soccer Club's junior program has at least one team in every age group, ranging from Under 8s to Under 18s. The club's two Ladies teams play in the VCFA Women's Premier League and the VCFA women's Division 1 competitions, while the club's eight (8) men's teams are found across the eight VCFA divisions, including the VCFA Premier League & Reserves and the VCFA Premier League 2 & Reserves..

Knox Churches Soccer Club, seeks to promote football being played in the right way, not just regarding technical abilities, but also in terms of respect and fun. The club aims to be competitive while also giving everyone a fair go. 

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